Acai Berry Medical Studies

A superb fruit that is bundled with all the beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Acai receives maximum appreciation and praised amongst all the health foods and substitution health conscious people. The news and other television shows has been broadcasted in favor of acai as the most favored food supplement that is great in terms of results and is not only easy to administer but tastes wonderful too!

We see huge claims in promos, and acai berry benefit is pretty much well taken by people but what is important is to know what the medical studies have proved? How much benefit do we actually get from acai and how frequently can it be used by acai aspirants without doing any harm to their system. Medics suggest that a glass of red wine taken at supper supplies us with enough antioxidants the body needs. But, what is interesting is that Acai berry has 33 times more antioxidants than the red wine. Hence, acai berry helps the body free itself from radicals, that surround us, the air is full of toxins and they are quite capable of damaging our immune system. It is age defying in a very subtle way as it works with the help of antioxidants that are present in high concentration in acai berry.

Medical researches have underlined the fact that acai berry is full of nutritions. It lowers cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart attack in both men and women. Acai juices improves the lining of the digestive track, since it is high on fibre. daily dose of acai berry can aid in colon cancer prevention to a great extent.

Quite commonly renowned as "Viagra from Amazon" it is proved to boost men's sexual health. Acai berry increases stamina and energy that facilitates men to improve sexual endurance as well as overall health. Medical studies have also stressed that acai berry fruit consists of antioxidants like vitamin C and E and lycopene, this is the core of tomatoes too this antioxidant prevents prostrate cancer. Doctors who advocate substitute medicine recommend acai berry and not Viagra as it is proven to be just about as potent as the Viagra if not any more. Acai fruit is not only good for men's sexual health it is good for women too as far as improvement of health of the ovaries is concerned. It also increases libido and energy, along with prevention of breast cancer.

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  1. It has been the product of choice for small fruit with many health and fitness Weight Watchers. There is also research, to which reference has been Asai berries with the ability to successfully fight against cancer.

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